Lukáš Stejskal


  • Adapi - high-level Ruby client library for Google AdWords API.
    • obsolete, I decided to discontinue the development because AdWords API began changing very rapidly
      and I had no longer time to ensure proper functionality. You can read the full explanation here).
  • Rapidshare (contributor) - Ruby wrapper for RapidShare API.
    • obsolete, RapidShare has mostly closed down in recent years. This gem still works for legacy files though.
  • I Can Haz Blog?! - blog application running on MongoDB and Rails 3.
  • Dotfiles - dotfiles for my Ubuntu rig. I'm using bash at the moment, planning to switch to zsh.
  • Reign of Grelok - small text adventure game written in Ruby. It is a rewrite of minigame in Fallout 3.

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